I’ve been going to Sam’s classes for a few years now. I’ve seen
instructors come and I’ve seen instructors go, but, come rain or
shine, Sam never let’s us down. Her dedication and commitment to
exercise is shown through promoting motivation, enthusiasm and
enjoyment. Sam has a way of connecting with people which is reflected
by her loyal followers; one of which I am pleased to say is me!

Lola, South Croydon.


you are brilliant i was so impressed about the way you were with me as i am unfit and def not sporty!! how much are your sessions as def see them as a way forward ?
p.s still a bit sore lol but in a good way i know its good x
Just to reiterate again to you just how much I am addicted to zumba – apart from mental stimulation I seem to have got my figure back that I had before my children and have had so many comments as well as compliments! As mentioned I wore a bikini in the summer and felt so liberated – I hadn’t worn one for 19 years!! Can’t wait to buy myself a couple of new ones for next year!!

Right I’ll shut up now but again thanks to you for all your hard work and for making it such fun

Lorraine x