I’ve been amazed at some of the last bootcampers results, some of these people have tried and tried to lose weight. They have been to slimming clubs, had gym memberships, tried faddy diets e.t.c e.t.c. Bootcamp provides a clean, natural, easy food plan to follow, nutritional and supplement advice and info, along with recipes. We use the best exercises in the industry to get you the best results possible. You also receive short home workouts which you can choose to do if you wish to. Everyone is very supportive.

The next bootcamp kicks off on 5th March 2012.

Below are some of the previous results:-
… Chest: Before 39.5″ After 38″
Waist: Before 39″ After 35″
… Paunch: Before 39″ After 37″
Bicepes: Before 10.5″ After 10″
Calves: Before 14.5″ After 14.4″
Thighs: Before 21″ After 20″
Hips: Before 38.5″ 37.5″

Weight Before: 10.11 and 1/2. After 10.5

Just want to say thanks again for all your help. I am really pleased with the overall results



Do you want results like these. Next Bootcamp kicks off on the 5th March …. DONT MISS OUT….

I’m very proud of all of you! We survived bootcamp!!!
Thank you for lovely company it was good fun!
I’ve lost
… … 9 pounds
I’ve lost in my:
waist 6 cm = 2.4 ”
hips 6 cm = 2.4 ”
thighs 2 cm = 0.8 ”
arms 1 cm = 0.4 ”
See you soon at the next one bootcamp.
Hiya Sam,

Just to let you know that I have lost 11lbs & 9.5 inches.. I’m pretty happy with that.
I shall be joining the next bootcamp so see you soon
Hi Sam,

I am off on holiday! results are 11 pounds lost, 2 inches of my chest, 1.5 inches from around my belly button,waist 2 inches, hips 2 inches, thigh 1.5 inches,top of each arm 1 inche,calf half an inche.
Very happy thank you!
Chest 0
Waist – 2
Hips – 2
L Thigh – 1.5
R Thigh – 1.5
L Arm – 1
R Arm – 1
L Calf – 1
R Calf – 1

Total Inches = 11 Woop Woop

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