Don’t make one, yes that’s right, DON’T make one. Instead just decide that you are going to change your diet and lifestyle for good.

In my opinion most people just make New Years Resolutions because we all know people will be asking us “what’s your New Years Resolution?”.

Be honest, how many times have you made a New Years Resolution only to have failed by the 3rd week in January.

Make this year different, no calorie counting, no starvation diets, no pills, just sensible clean eating.

My bootcampers follow a clean food plan and get just not good results BUT FREAKIN fantastic results like Julee Awooner Gordon and Denyse Harvey who amongst others will look amazing this Christmas and New Year and are enjoying lots o0f comments from people who are noticing their results.

2012 will be a great year for Bootcampers who lose weight and inches and end up feeling better than they have in years.

So here’s what to do:-

Eat 3 meals a day, clean natural food, nothing processed. Stop eating as soon as you are full, there is NO need to finish what’s on your plate and NO it is NOT a waste of food, after all if you finish what is on your plate for the sake of it, that is just the same as treating your body like a human dustbin.

Train 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes and these sessions should include some weight training.

Get to bed by 10.30pm, sleep makes a big difference. Fat burning occurs during our sleep, it also allows our body to heal from our training sessions.

Don’t just watch the scales, this is not always an accurate guage, you should monitor measurements too, measure your chest, waist (across belly button), hips, top of arms, around each calf and top of thighs.

Get the first few days out of the way and you will start to feel fantastic. You should feel less bloated, less tired and have loads more energy.

DON’T put it off, start NOW!!!!!!!!

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