ZUMBA – update


ZUMBA – This week has been an exciting week, i’ve been looking at different venues for new zumba classes and i’m pleased to say that after xmas, there will be 5 new zumba classes starting, one will be Mondays 9.30a.m in Selsdon, one will be Wednesdays 6p.m in Selsdon , followed by 7.30 pm in New Addington, Friday mornings at 10.15 a.m in New Addington. There will also be a Weds morning class, details for this one are still being finalised.

Zumba classes are fab, they just feel like you have been out to a party, the atmosphere is fantastic, there are different music and dance flavours within a zumba class, so something for everyone, it doesn’t matter what age you are, what size or what fitness level, everyone has such fun. It is the feel good factor that makes these classes so popular.

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