meHi, my name is Sam and I live in Selsdon and have been in the fitness industry for about 8 years. Prior to entering the industry as an instructor, I attended many classes weekly for many many years so have experienced classes from both aspects, one as an instructor and the other as a class participant. Im extremely passionate about the industry and I understand and empathise with people that battle with their weight, as personally I am a comfort eater and when stressful things happen in my life, like so many of you I turn to food and I have been every dress size between a 10 and a 20. So I wont patronize or intimidate you, I will encourage you and help you, whether you want to lose weight, improve your fitness level or both. I am married with a teenage son and lead a very busy lifestyle so I can often give you hints and tips to help you stay on track with your healthy eating whilst not taking up too much time. Since passing my initial qualification, I have trained in spin, aqua, fitness pilates, interval training, bootcamp, gliding, step, bodypump, zumba and kids exercise and weight management. I am currently working with the UK’s leading fat loss expert and have got clients results that have literally changed their lives. I teach many different types of classes, so there is something for everyone, I also run Boot Camps. Please see the timetable for class times and locations or contact me if you wish to book One to One training.